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Aromatherapy and Botanical Perfumery Workshops

Aromatherapy and Botanical Perfumery Workshops

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We host custom workshops for corporates and small groups of individuals who are keen on learning about creating botanical signature perfumes and therapeutic essential oil blends that cater to their specific aroma palettes and preferences.

Aromatherapy education is a big part of our mission to bring aromatic healing to every individual in need. Creating hands-on aromatic experiences for people to explore their personal preferences and stress busting needs is our passion and we are happy to create signature workshops for groups.

Please WhatsApp us at +91-8050891381, if you would like to know more about our workshops. 

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Customer Reviews

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Shweta Dave
Unlock the Mysteries of Incense with Vaishali's Expert Guidance!

### Testimonial for Vaishali

"I had an amazing introductory session with Vaishali. For someone who is just beginning to learn about incenses and their various effects, it was an eye-opener. She is incredibly knowledgeable, and the practical tools she introduced us to, such as the different kinds of essences and oils, were fascinating. Vaishali explained mid-tones, high-tones, and other intricate details with great clarity. I highly recommend her for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of incenses. It was a fantastic experience."

An amazing experience to do as a group!

Loved the entire 2+ hours! Vaishali was so patient and took us through a cavalcade of fragrant experiences. I'm so happy with what I created! It's an amazing social experience and the perfect thing to do in a large group

A mind blowing explosion of olfactory senses

I am so grateful to have this session as my introduction to aromas ! Vaishali was both kind and so very knowledgable !! The quality of all the products were top notch. I got to know about so many smells and how they affect us physically and mentally.. and making our own perfume was the ultimate cherry on top.

Chandrika Thaker
Just WOW!!

The mere idea of making your own perfume is scintillating to me and that's what brought me to this workshop organised by my dear friend Vaishali. The workshop was very well organised and educational and I enjoyed my time surrounded by aromas, connecting with others and making my own customised perfume and ofcourse meeting Vaishali after a long time. The aroma is extremely healing, therapeutic and helps elevate my mood instantly since it is pue and natural!! I highly recommend and best wishes to Kimaya Blends. Sending warm, fresh and positive vibes from my roll on perfume :)

A unique and engaging experience

The workshop was super fun, and we had a lovely time concocting our own personal blends. Vaishali is such an engaging host, full of knowledge and enthusiasm for her craft. It was a wonderful experience, and I'd definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to have a grand time enjoying beautiful scents and learning more about perfumery!